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Velux skylights are a popular option for people wanting to incorporate light into the design of a new extension or existing room in their home. If you’re thinking about installing Velux roof windows it is important to consider the position of your home and rooms. Our expert assessors can help you decide the best position for your new Velux windows.  A south-facing window will capture the most sunlight throughout the whole day whereas a north-facing window will capture no direct sunlight at all, but will receive a constant, indirect light through the whole day. An east-facing window will catch the rising sun, and a west-facing window will capture sunlight from early afternoon onwards.  Once you’ve found out where the sun rises and sets you can make the most of our roof windows by placing them in such a way that they help you maximise the available light. 

Extra daylight in your home can help you make the most of your current space and create an atmosphere that you want – whether it be a calming sanctuary or an energetic entertaining area you wish to modernize with windows. Natural light can make your home appear more spacious, welcoming and altogether more enjoyable on a daily basis. Velux skylights are a versatile option as they can be used in a variety of settings. Here are some of the possible lighting solutions you may wish to consider installing in your home: 

Light shaft – window that cuts through the loft, ideal for an upstairs or single storey room with no roofline of its own.

Sun tunnel – can be used to let natural light into even the smallest, darkest internal corridors and cupboards.

Open ceiling – most popular type of Velux window for ceilings that slope to the roofline.

Loft conversion – skylights can be used to convert an unused loft space into a new refreshed and functional room.

Flat roof - flat roof window is perfect for existing flat roofs or flat roof extensions, bringing daylight and drama to the area below. There is also an electrical version so you can let in fresh air at the touch of a button.

Atrium – alternative option if there is no flat roof available, using a combination of windows to create a stunning feature in your home.

For more information about Velux™ skylights and blinds,or to arrange a consultation with one of our experienced assessors contact us today.

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