Solar Panels Water Heating Solutions

Would you like to reduce your gas bills and help the environment at the same time? You might be suprised to know that as well as bespoke manufacturing of windows and doors, kitchens and conservatories, Andy Whitelaw Joinery also offer thermal solar panels as cost-effective water heating solution in your home or business.

It is a popular misunderstanding that utilising solar energy is only possible in hot, sunny climates. The reality is that it is daylight, not just direct sunshine which is the important factor in thermal energy, which is why Worcester solar water heating uses specially coated panels developed to collect as much energy as possible, even on the dullest of days. During the course of a year you are likely to get 50-

70% of your hot water provided by solar. The solar panels are designed to work in conjunction with your current central heating system, providing you have stored hot water in a twin-coil cylinder (usually located in the airing cupboard). By using them in tandem you will reap the maximum cost-saving and energy-saving benefits of advanced Worcester technology.

Our Solar Panels are supplied by one of the leading UK companies in renewable energy technology, Worcester Bosch.With our solar panel systems you can save up to 70% of the cost of heating your domestic water. The system is designed to be low

maintenance and comes with a comprehensive 10 year guarantee and the solar panel package includes a new solar hot water cylinder which is bespoke made to allow you the maximum capacity of water and increase your savings.

How does Worcester Solar Panel technology work? A Worcester solar water heating system from Andy Whitelaw Joinery is composed of solar thermal collectors, a water storage tank or another point of usage, interconnecting pipes and a fluid system to move the heat from the collector to the tank. Solar water heating systems use the method of directly heating water by the sun so no electricity is directly generated. A solar water heating system of this kind uses minimum electricity only for pumping the fluid, and have a reservoir or tank for heat storage and subsequent use. The water can be heated for a wide variety of uses, including your home or business.

Benefits and Features

  • Apart from the cost of the electricity required to run the pump – solar energy is free! And as the energy consumed to provide a household’s hot water accounts for a large proportion of the total annual bill, you’ll make big savings.

  • Worcester solar panels can be installed on a sloping or flat roof, or even on a wall.

  • We give you the choice of landscape or portrait panels, whichever suits your home or commericial building the best.

  • Solar Panels are great for the environment, by cutting down on the use of carbon-based fuels in your home or business.

  • Solar panels are very low maintenance.

  • We offer a 10-year-guarantee on all our solar panels.

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